Sunday, June 04, 2006

Lower part of the front end. I haven't been able to get out to the garage yet, sure would like to. Pat took these pictures, I think she did a good job of it.This was a pretty spotless bike, with absolutely no damage prior to the accident. What a shame!

Area behind the front wheel.

A cracked Kokopelli

Peeled the fairing back pretty good

More broken parts

Left front of the bike lower section

Left Kuryakyn peg is missing

Dash looking from the left side

Left mirror and fairing pocket

Guess it would be easier to get to the air cleaner now

The dash board

Broken antenna and seat damage

Nice hole in the truck. I'll have to get someone to remove my VROC plate

The bike "endowed" Hard to believe so much damage could take place in a split second.

The nice tail pipe tip probably won't be straightened

Right tail light/signal assembly

Cowel under trunk got rubbed.

Trunk lid is broken

A feather manged to stay pretty nice. Right lower part of trunk

Not many spots escaped damage

Ripped off the muffler supports on the righ side

Right side where muffler joins the header pipe

Right highway peg is missing

Right front lower

scratches everywhere

More fairing damage

Right turn signal/mirror

Windshield probably won't polish out

A vent tube

My right ear was torn up some, probably from the speaker. I was unconsios for abour 30 minutes. The helmet took a huge hit, did it's job

Saved by the Helmet

More of the items picked up by the wrecking company

There were several boxes of stuff the wrecker picked up

Alpine Stars were clean and polished the night before. Still took a lot good hit on the left boot, will loose the big toe nail. These boots did their job.

These clothes were cut off. The also cut off my First Gear Leather coat, and my Gerbing Electric jacket liner.